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Greenview Park & Zoo is now under new ownership. As new owners, the Pattens and our zoo crew are commited to giving the animals in our care the best lives possible. We strive to always provide them with the best balanced food and nutrition, enrichment and entertainment and updated enclosures that allow their natural behaviours and activity. We want to show and educate the public on how incredible these animals are , and give them reason to want to learn more and to help protect and preserve our environment and the creatures that live in it.

If you believe in who we are and what we are doing for our animal family, or if Greenview is or has become a special part of your life, why not make a donation?

Support received from the community and our guests will help us to provide excellent animal care, improve our facilities and build new enclosures that these animals deserve to have. We have so many plans and improvements that we want to make, which all comes at a cost. Every dollar made at the zoo is going back to the zoo to make these changes and improve Greenview for the animals and the Chatham-Kent community. Greenview is a place of many memories, stories and traditions for people in our community and beyond. Help us to help Greenview remain a staple in our lives and better it for years to come! Your contributions are very much appreciated.

Thank you!
Your Greenview Zoo Crew

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