Park and Zoo Rules

All guests must read and follow the park rules. Staff reserve the right to ask any individual or group to leave if they are found in violation of any of these rules. Please enjoy our property in a safe and respectful manner

Our staff and animals deserve respect and a safe, peaceful working and living environment. Any disrespect, damage or threats to our staff, animals, property or other guests will result in your removal from the park.

Keep off fences and barriers.

Fences, barriers and enclosures are in place for your safety as well as the animals health and safety. Please do not climb on, sit on, lean over or climb over the barriers. Keep fingers and hands out of animal enclosures or fenced off areas. Little fingers look like food and most animals will bite or grab at and scratch them. Do not reach items (cameras, phones, drones, clothing, bottles/toys, etc.) over the fences or into an animals space. If it falls in, it stays in

Respect the animals.

You are a guest in our animals homes and space. Do not chase, pick up, yell at, clap at, tap on, pull at, poke at, roar at, tease, scare, or throw things at the animals. Respect them. Enjoy them. Watch them. Learn about them and their natural behaviours. Anyone caught disrespecting, harassing or harming an animal will have their visit ended immediately

Pick up all garbage

You are welcome to bring your own food, drinks, picnic and bbq supplies for your day at the zoo, but remember to bring it all home with you, or throw it in one of the many garbage cans around the park and zoo property. Not only does it look terrible, but garbage and waste on the ground can blow around and into the animals space where it can be ingested by them and cause serious illness or injury. Please do your part and do not throw your wrappers and plastic, gum, nuts and seed shells or feed pails on the ground. Use the provided receptacles.

Responsible supervision

Children and/or guests requiring support workers must be with a parent, guardian, caregiver at all times. It is the supervisors responsibility to make sure their dependants are following the rules and are staying safe while enjoying their day at the zoo.

No Pets/Animals

Due to the safety of your animals and ours as well as our guests health and safety, pets of any kind are not permitted anywhere on the Greenview property. This includes in the park or in the parking lot. Animals are never to be left in a vehicle. Authorities will be contacted if an animal is found or suspected in a vehicle.

Registered service dogs will be permitted with proof of accreditation and vaccination upon entry. Guests are responsible for the proper restraint, care and control of their service animal. If at any time during the visit there is a safety concern with the service animal or a zoo animal because of the service animal, the owner will be asked to remove the dog from the property

No substances

Smoking, vaping, alcohol, marijuana and all other substances are prohibited anywhere in the park and zoo. Smoking will only be allowed in the parking lot beside your vehicle and please be sure to dispose of the products appropriately. Smoking creates a fire risk on our property with many trees, brush, wood shavings, straw/hay, etc. That are highly flammable

Respect the Park

Please respect nature and the park. Do not pick flowers/plants, do not break branches or climb the trees. Do not pick up or throw dirt, sand, rocks, or anything from the ground! Leave nature in nature. Do not throw items or coins into the ponds. These ponds are full of living things. Absolutely no swimming or touching the water. This is our home and our backyard. We work very hard to keep it beautiful, clean and safe. Please help us maintain the beauty of our grounds. Let our staff know if you see any issues that need attention.

Thank you for your support and cooperation to keep Greenview Park and zoo a safe, healthy, clean and beautiful environment and home for our resident animals and guests