About Greenview Park & Zoo


Greenview Park & Zoo was founded in 1983 by the Greenway’s. What started as a breeding facility for budgies, tropical birds and water fowl, soon took a new direction to become a multi activitiy family day trip. The Greenway/Daly family worked very hard for many years constructing barns, digging ponds, building enclosures for animals, landscaping and adding playground equipment. Each year there were new additions; exotic cats, reptiles, monkeys, birds, animals large and small.

After 38 years of hard work and care by the Daly’s it was time to retire and hand it over to a new family. The Patten family came in with passion for animals, strong work ethic, dedication and determination, a vision for change and growth and a love and history of a childhood spent at Greenview.

During a very difficult time with an unexpected passing of Alicia’s grandmother, this place that Alicia and her Grandmother shared so many years of fond memories and a love of the animals came up for sale. The Pattens felt that it was a gift from Grandma. A chance to live a life they had only dreamed possible. A stroke of fate and a huge leap of faith that this was meant to be our journey made the move possible. The decision to sell and quit everything in our lives to take on this incredible new life and adventure was a dream come true.

In a world that is so full of technology and screen time children, and people in general, spend less time and have fewer experiences in nature. Greenview provides an opportunity to get out into the fresh country air and have the ability to view, interact with and learn about the different species that exist in our world. Our hope is to peak the interest of our younger generations to spark a flame of passion for the environment and the creatures in it. We hope to encourage them to take steps to maintain and improve our natural world and care for and preserve the land and animals that we share this planet with.


Zoos play a very important role in the protection, conservation and education of wildlife. Join the zoo crew at Greenview to get up close and personal with our 70 + species of animals.

Our beautiful property also offers a very large park and picnic/bbq area. Many playground structures for climbing, swinging, zipping, sliding, digging and splashing get the kids active outdoors. When everyone is hot and hungry our on site restaurant offers many options of snacks, meals, drinks and icecream to satisfy everyones tastes. Before the day is done there is a gift shop filled with many stuffed animals and souveneirs to remember a fun filled day at Greenview Park and Zoo.

The Pattens along with the entire zoo crew at Greenview invite you to come out to our country park and zoo and spend a day in the great outdoors enjoying our animals and activities. Your support, contributions, stories and memories make this place great and will help us to continue to provide and improve a fun day out for people of all ages.